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This new CV template is suitable for all airlines, including Emirates, Qatar, Etihad. The CV is created in .docx format.  

After your purchase, you will receive a one-page CV template + detailed guidelines (8 pages) on how to create your CV. 

Once you adjust your CV according to your experience and guidelines, you can send me the CV via email to

I will check your CV and provide you with constructive feedback. It usually takes 2-3x until your CV is 100% correct.

Make sure to adjust the CV according to your experience.

It is recommended to use your computer to download the CV template and guidelines.

Please save my email address so all emails (if any) are delivered to your inbox and not to your spam box. It is advised to check your spam box too.

The cover photo is just for the illustration.




ATS FRIENDLY – The template was created according to ATS guidelines. No fancy icons, symbols, colors, …

READY TO USE – You can adjust it, print it, upload it, it is ready to use in no time.

EASY TO CUSTOMIZE – This template is very easy to edit. Just a few simple clicks.

NO GRAMMAR ERRORS – It can be used for online applications and/or open days.




No Guarantee:

TO GET SHORTLISTED = SUCCESSFUL – reasons can be – your skills, experience, the requested requirements being met by the candidates.

4 reviews for NEW CV Template + Guidelines + Review

  1. Aron Macrea

    Very professional templates and guidelines. The guideline is very detailed and offers you lots of information for the perfect CV. I very much recommend this package. Also the review with Patricia was fantastic. She gives you a lot of tips, is very professional and friendly. I didn’t know her before I booked the review, but as we we’re doing the review I thought I was talking to a friend.
    I recommend her services 100% and like Patricia says, invest in yourself. Thank you again Patricia.

    • Patricia

      Thank you Aron for your time and lovely feedback.

  2. Aleksandra Szalczynska (verified owner)

    Patricia’s help was and still is irreplaceable. She replies to all messages very quickly, which is very helpful. My resume finally looks as it should. Patricia is a very professional and wonderful person. I can recommend her services honestly. Thank you one more time for everything Patricia.

    • Patricia

      Thank you Aleksandra for your feedback.

  3. Maria Bratsi (verified owner)

    I strongly recommend this package. The guideline is very detailed and offers you lots of information for an excellent CV. As for the review with Patricia, it was at least amazing! Patricia, except that she is so professional, she is a positive and friendly person. She gives you a lot of tips and, when you discuss with her is like to speak to a valuable friend, not just to a coach. I recommended her services 1000% , and, as Patricia says: invest in yourself. Thank you for all my dearest Patricia!!

    • Patricia

      Thank you, Maria.

  4. Esther (verified owner)

    Highly recommend!! During the video secession with Patricia, she gave me useful and clear guidelines about how to well prepare in my interview and how to make my CV become outstanding and of course the SECRET TIPS that I should put in my CV and what should I do in the interview!!! Her services that you received are more than the price, you definitely can get more than you expected! Invest yourself to make you more closer to your dream job never too late!
    Thanks a lot!! xoxo

    • Patricia

      Thank you very much Esther for your beautiful feedback.

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