Get a Golden CALL (Audiobook)


Do you wish to become a cabin crew member for Emirates airline?

Perhaps you wonder where to start, how and what you need to do to get your dream job.

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“Get A Golden CALL” is a simple guide that will tell you strategies and secret tips to get your successful call from the recruiter. It is written according to my own rewarding career. It is based on my life experience and knowledge to get hired. 

If you lack confidence or are endlessly rejected, this e-book will show you “aha” moments that will create your success. Do you think you need to look like a supermodel and own an aviation degree? Not at all, you need to know what to do.

“Get A Golden CALL” will walk you through:

✈”Bright” and “dark” sides (Pros and Cons) of being a cabin crew member

Where and how to start to become a cabin crew member

What you need to know and have in order to be eligible for a cabin crew job

How to dress to impress & photo guidelines

CV tips

Interview selection process that is explained in detail (all stages)

Group exercises

Sample English tests and psychometric test

Final interview questions and the breakthrough answers

✈ What to expect after Golden CALL

✈ Ab-Initio training explained

✈ How a cabin crew day can look like

And much much more

Free lifetime updates.

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Enjoy 🙂


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